Who Rained On Your Parade

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Have you ever gotten a bad review or somebody told you that you could not write?  I think every author has probably experienced that or will experience that at some point in the future. Those poisonous words can really wreck your day and impact your level of confidence. Don’t let people get in your head.  The words might sting a bit but quickly push them out of your life space.  Here are a few quick tips on getting beyond negative words.

1. Never let anyone diminish your greatness.  As an author you have done something that many dream of.  They don’t step out.  They don’t try to write.  They just wish they could.  You took the challenge and did something.  You brought your story to life.  Don’t let anyone diminish your step of faith in yourself to produce something of value.  

2. Negative words can have value.  They can make you improve and they can make you stronger, but only if there is something of worth in what is said.  Negative for the sake of being critical, opinionated or rude has no value.  The personality behind those type of words is probably a negative minded person who can never find anything good to say.  Don’t let negative people carry any weight in your life.

I will never forget the time there was a beautiful stained glass window in someone’s home. Everyone that walked by the window admired it.  The glass was simply beautiful.  Then one day I happened to be at that home when a negative minded person walked in.  That person saw the glass too, but instead of admiring the beauty that person asked the homeowner, “How did you get the crack in the glass.” The owner replied “What crack?”

The person pointed to a hairline crack thinner than a piece of dental floss and no longer than the tip of your pinky finger.  The owner ignored the person.  But for me it was a life lesson in personalities.  As beautiful as the stained glass was, all that person saw was a speck.  She never did comment on the beauty of the window.  There are people like that all over the world. So before taking anything to heart remember that there will be some people that you will never please because they have a personality defect.

3. Make it a point to out do yourself. Whenever you do something give it your absolute best and go one step beyond.  Then it won’t matter what anyone says because you know that you put your all into the project.  When you have given your best there is nothing left to give.

4. Take pride in your work.  When you take pride in your work it does not matter what other people think.  In my business there is always room for error.  But my goal is to set myself up for perfection and if I miss that, it is okay because I know that I aimed as high as I could. Aiming high shows pride of workmanship.

5. Get up and get over it.  Life is foward momentum.  If you stop because of what people say, you are wasting forward momentum.  Don’t stop. Keep going.  You are on a mission to succeed.  If their words can’t help you, then they are not worth paying attention to.  Only give heed to words (good or bad) that will provide you with forward momentum.


So, what do you think ?