The Most Fun I Ever Had Selling Books

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Have you created a fiesta around your book yet? Book selling is work, but it can also be fun and rewarding. I think that keeping things fun and rewarding will provide more incentive for you to keep pushing the book. In the midst of all this talk about author platforms, building your social media presence, and making sure that you are getting those blogs done – sometimes the pure people element is lost. The people are the ones that buy your book. What are you doing to keep people connected to you?

The most fun I ever had selling books was setting up seminars for my audience. This took a lot of work but it paid off with book sells and building relationships with people. For about 4-6 months before the event I would advertise that I would be holding a seminar and direct people to the event. When the event took place I made sure it would be something they would talk about. So I would do things like bring in my band, have lots of food and turn the whole thing into literally a party. What would happen at the end of the event, they would purchase everything that I had to offer. I always made sure to have an up-sell to something else beside my book at the event. The events would normally last 3-4 hours. Have events on a regular basis and people will look forward to it coming.

You might be thinking how do you keep people engaged for 3-4 hours? You have to organize the event. I learned how to organize events by getting a certificate from a group that teaches public speaking and event planning. My strategies are outlined in my books. The things that I learned were priceless. You have to learn how to work the audience.

What is wonderful about the online community is that you can have a similar effect using online tools like:


Twitter parties

Live author meet and greets


Podcasting and opening the phone lines

Book tour treasure hunts

Book give away parties

Make sure to promote at least a month before an event. However, the longer you promote, the better. There are so many deviations on what you can do even if you don’t want to have a physical meeting that will emulate the effect. The point of this article is to find ways to get people to engage. If you can get them engaged you will generate word of mouth publicity and that is always powerful. Have fun selling your books.

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