My Book Are Not Selling and I Want to Throw in the Towel

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Many authors are tempted to throw in the towel when their books don’t sell.  Don’t do it.  Don’t you dare do it.  Throwing in the towel on your books should never be an option.  You just might need to readjust your book or your method.  If you truly want to sell books then it  will take a lot of endurance and you have to value the small things.  You will never become a million dollar seller until you at least sell the first book.  I hope you can see from that statement how small things are important.  So work on the small things. If you keep plugging away I believe you will hit the target.  Here are a few anti-towel throwing techniques:

1. Examine your motives.  If it is just to make money you will be constantly frustrated when your books don’t sell.  Money motives are very low on the ability to endure spectrum.  Determine within yourself to set a motive that has a higher level of endurance capacity – like this book will entertain people and make them feel better about life or people need my book so that they can really learn how to_____________.  Setting an inspirational motive goes a long way.

2. Be willing to test the market and write what people want to read instead of writing what you want them to read.  I have written different books but all of them are not devoted to what I really enjoy writing about.  That strategy is called writing for demand.  I have found niches that people like to read about and created books for those areas.  Including a strategy like that is helpful because when one book does not sell the other type normally will.  It may be helpful to use pen names if you go that route.

3.  Believe in yourself and your writing ability.  If you truly believe that you are a good writer and continue to write or blog or market your work, people will eventually see your confidence and determination and want to know more about you.  That in turn can provide a reason for a person to buy your book.

Now, I want you to say with me, I will continue to hang in there. Wish you the best!


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