I Can Right Whatever I Want To Right

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I have been reading lately about what I consider to be a new movement called free writers.  The mindset of those that follow the free writers perspective is literally that they can write whatever they want to write.  They do not have to follow any rules of grammar, any editing nor anything related to good writing structure.  They write what is on their mind. The amazing thing is that these types of writers are popping up everywhere and many of them have been extremely successful finding an audience for their work. They are not looking for a big publishing contract.  They are blazing their own trail, selling books, and leaving many in the traditional world wondering what just happened.

Personally I am glad to see some of this happening.  Yet at the same time I do not wish to see writing skills that have been diminished as those of writing a text message. Texting is truly whatever you want it to be. One letter can represent something as in see you later and the response is k. I think there needs to be a balance between writing whatever you want and learning the craft of writing. I think that if you learn more about the craft you will become a better writer. At the same time I think that free writers have challenged the playing field.  They do things that are taboo in writing and still do it succesfully. Like having more than one point of view in a story.

I have been reading books by new writers that are challenging that age old tradition of sticking with one POV. The first time I saw that style written by a new author that has amassed quite a following I was shocked. It was hard to read because I am used to seeing things one way. But after reading it, I found that it added a lot to the tension of the story because it had two perspectives. You were looking into the mind of both the main characters. Actually it was liberating. I am not sure where all of this indie revolution is going, but I believe there is a lot of good to be found.



So, what do you think ?