Dumb Things Authors Do

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There a lot of things that authors can do that will impede their progress but this one is the dumbest – giving up on your book.  What makes an entrepreneurial author different from a hobbyist author is that the entrepreneurial author is constantly re-inventing themselves.  If one book does not work they are on to the next book, if one book title doesn’t bring results they are on to making a better title. If one book cover is drab and uninviting they are on to finding the best and the greatest cover.


Sheer determination is the foundation for success.  You will not succeed without it.  I am not foolishly saying that you should never have a cut off point, but I am encouraging you that the cut off point should be an extensively long period.  Some authors say I will give this book a year to financially succeed and if it does not I am done.  If you could ask Dr. Suess or J.K. Rowlings when to quit I wonder what they would say? They would not be amongst the elite financial authors if they had quit in a years time.


Success does not just happen.  It is made to happen.  Go beyond your frustration into a forward position.  Lock on to your goal and have pit bull determination to see it succeed.




    • Linda Leon |

      Thanks so much for your comment. Winners never quit. It is a lifestyle choice to have success. Loved your book trailer and wish you the best on your launch!


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