Don’t Just Write A Book Start A Writing Career

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My mentor said to me that authors make careers with blank sheets of paper. That was one of the most important statements that caused me to want to have a career in writing. I said to myself if a person can put their name on a blank sheet of paper and sell it, then I certainly should be able to fill the page with words and sell it. I believe that most people have purchased a book with blank pages and never thought about the person that put those pages together. Yet every time someone purchases the book, the author’s bank account goes ka-ching. Care to challenge me on that statement?

Here are some blank pages that make money – diaries, daily journals, scrapbooks, devotionals, memo pads and the list can go on. Somebody is putting that information together and getting paid for it. I remember when the reality of his words finally dawned on me. Someone sent me a journal as a Christmas gift. It was beautiful. It had a fancy leather cover, a famous Christian authors signature on it, and pretty lined paper inside – nice and blank. Probably worth at least $30 bucks from a Christian book store. That’s genius!

If they can do that with blank pages think of how much inspiration you can provide the world with a pen and a sheet of paper, or rather a Word doc and a printer. It’s fantastic to write your book, but what else can you write? Expand your thinking and get out of the box. There are many people dying for a career change and have the skills but they don’t know it. It’s like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz; she had her ability to get home all the time, but did not know it. She finally realized that if she just moved her feet, she would be transported home. Start moving your feet. Walk in the direction of a writing career and see what happens.

 Writing careers are so versatile. You can do freelance writing, ghostwriting; book writing classes, article writing, blog writing, technical writing, and creative writing. You can further diversify those into a consulting business or coaching. You can further diversify your consulting business or coaching into public speaking. I love sharing about writing careers. Practically every week on my podcast, Book That Author, I have guests on the show talking about their writing careers. Yes they have written books, but they also have writing careers. Those podcast provide a great source of inspiration for those thinking about a career in writing. Think and dream big. Inspire the world with your writing gift, not just your book.

About the Author: Linda Leon loves helping authors and writers learn to have a writing career and market their books. If this is you and you would like to learn more about what it takes to shift from the role of frustrated writer to writing for income, then check out this report where she shows you how to get started selling books and start a writing career.



  1. Kenton Crowther |

    There’s not much that beats hammering away at a tale and introducing characters and action that make you say–where in heck did all that come from? Or as C.S. Lewis said–he just loved to scrawl with his pen and see the words appear on the page.
    Yes, and then to sell them is the clincher. We are surrounded by miracles and spinning the yarn has got to be one of the best.


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