Author Watch – Only You by Jaspira

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Only You: This is an absolutely wonderful review we got from one of the readers of our page turning writers – Jaspira.  If you are a hopeless romantic this is a must read.  It is currently available on Radish!!!!  This reviewer is a part of our Avid Readers Group and they get advanced copies.  If you love reading, I’d encourage you to join the Avid Readers Group. What I loved about this review was the personal impact of Only You!

Only You – on Radish

We all have things and people in our past that we just wish would stay there – events that, while they made us who we are today, were also painful to live through. Most of the time, we bury that past as deep as we can, and move on with our lives, thankful for the lessons but not eager to revisit the memories.

This novel can make all of us question our past “what-ifs” and “if-onlys” as it takes us through the mind and heart of a Southern belle turned city star. It made me question my own interpretation of different events in my life, events I wanted to bury. But what if that past refuses to stay buried?

And what if we find that we aren’t so sure that we want it to, after all?

This was the challenge facing Rena Blackshear after a phone call from her long-ignored brother Ian brought her back to her childhood hometown of Savannah, Georgia. She was estranged from her mother and brother when she was a teen, and grew up in New York City with her father, torn away from the friends and places she loved – including her grandmother’s popular restaurant, the Chicken and Waffle Inn, where she had begun learning the skills that were the backbone of her current career as the manager of a five star hotel, and an event planner for the very rich and very famous. But now the mother who had rejected her so long ago was sick, and Rena was needed.

Soon after she arrives, she finds that nothing is as it seems. Her old bitterness towards her mother was completely unwarranted, and the anger she held may have destroyed her true path to happiness and love. The man she had loved as a girl, Blake Glass, had returned to town to help her brother and mother keep the restaurant going – and she felt the warmth of those long-buried memories return every time she saw him. It’s apparent that he feels the same. But Blake is engaged.

And the restaurant can’t function without her mother, who cannot continue to work without seriously endangering herself. Should Rena stay, or sell the restaurant and go back to her perfect New York City life?

Soon more secrets surface, and Rena and Blake, as well as their friends and family, learn more about betrayal, and love, and heartbreak than they ever thought possible, while making some of the hardest choices of their lives.

If you enjoy a page-turner with more depth than the average bodice-ripper, this would be a great choice!

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