Author Watch – Make Me Want You

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Make me want you is one of the most powerful concepts in life and business that you can utilize.  It works in relationships.  It works in careers.  It works in sales.  It is a universal attitude that breed’s success if you believe it can work.  I learned the “make me want you” mode of thinking from Harry Gordon Selfridge.  He was an American entrepreneur with a mission to revolutionize the shopping industry in the U.K.  

In 1909 he opened the first store.  To British society he was looked upon as a complete fool, but his store Selfridges still stands today and is one of the most successful department stores in history.  Selfridge succeeded because he believed that he did not have to be liked or understood to be successful.  All he had to do is to make you want him.  He did that in grand style.  He provided fresh American marketing strategies into British society steeped in tradition.  The contrast was so great, that it was like comparing the use of a cell phone to a rotary dial phone.  He flipped the British public on its head, wowing them with elaborate display windows, constant advertising, mass event publicity and establishing sales days.  The store was a sensation.  Selfridge became wealthy beyond imagination.

What are you doing to make people want your books?  Are you following the crowd or are you an innovator.  Selfridge was an innovator. I am constantly finding ways to be wanted and for my clients to be wanted.  Now I’m working on another Selfridge concept – excite the mind and they will open the purse.  Please inspire someone by sharing this message. Would love to hear from you – infoATbookmarketingprofessionalsDOTcom.

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