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Why I Wrote Christmas Conundrum

There is something magical about Christmas that lifts your spirit. I really enjoy the holidays. As a child I looked forward to the seasons changing, the wintery blast that made you want to go shopping, the holiday gatherings and spending time in the house of God with the Christmas programs. It was a special time then and still in my life today.

The idea for Christmas Conundrum came from doing a revision on a prior story that I’d written and I revised the story to a Christmas theme with a spin on How the Grinch Stole Christmas which is one of my absolute favorite shows.   To me the Grinch is just a kind-hearted soul that got lost in the circumstances of life. The character Dakota Jennings is worst than the Grinch. Life issues caused him to become a dread. Putting my mind to create that cross between someone that you love to love and you love to hate was a really fun challenge and drove the plot. The story is indeed a conundrum and the love interest Renee Madison is a beautiful, wealthy and shrewd “dread slayer.”

The setting takes place in the snowy town of Durango, CO. I used Colorado for the location because it is one of my favorite places to visit. I never will forget being in that beautiful state. It is breathtaking. The snow capped mountains and the quaint scenario were the perfect place to bring the Christmas magic. There is a colorful host of characters that make the story line really special. I took a lot of time writing the story and worked with a development coach because I really wanted to have a solid plot. When the coach finished reading my revision he said, “Overall, it is another wonderful story with an outstanding literature feel. I could see the scenes where you paused appropriately and built tension successfully.” That made my day and it was worth all the hard work.

I wanted the reader to feel Christmas. I think you’re going to want to sit by the fireplace with this one. My favorite part of writing the book was to develop the romance between Renee and Dakota. It’s a passionate one with a twist that I hope will leave the reader thumbing the pages to get to the end.

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