Why You Should Quit Social Media Now

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Meatballs v/s Social Media – I was sitting at my computer doing my normal reading quality content routine when I ran across an article on one of my favorite online sites. It started off with a guy talking about how he couldn’t eat his grandmother’s meatballs because he was overwhelmed with the demands of finding that moneymaking magic bullet for social media. It may as well have been a crime not to eat grandma’s good cooking in an Italian family so he knew he was in big trouble. Something had to break. I found the article quite delightful! I could totally relate to what he was saying.

So what’s the big picture of the meatball story? Social media can be a big endless pit for business owners. It can swallow time and produce minimal profit for your business. I was cheering because so many people are not truthful with their experience with social media and it is so easy to follow the crowd. He learned that there truly can be a pot of gold at the end of the social media highway but you may have to step back and quit it all until you find what works for you. In his case, he found his pot of gold in blogging.

Stop Following The Crowd

As those of you who are acquainted with my podcasts and online activity know that recently I shared a podcast and a blogging article on just that topic. I discussed how I finally learned to focus on social media that I enjoy and learn to direct traffic to my website and develop relationships with people along that way. I found that so much more profitable than what I did in the beginning that was to follow the crowd because the “guru’s” said that is the way to go. In my post Why Authors Should Blog I showed a sample of the benefit that the blog can have to your website by sharing my stats. I truly enjoyed the openness of Greg Digneo, the author of that article. The article is entitled “Why Quitting May be the Most Profitable Thing You Can Do This Year.” I highly recommend that you read the article. For most of you it will probably be liberating.

 Here are five things that I think you should consider when determining how far to go with social media.

1. The Dr. Phil Approach – Is it working for you?

2. The Oprah Effect – Does it cause you to become profitable (after you have given it some time)?

3. The Obama Factor – Is it building an audience of loyal supporters?

4. The Steve Jobs Effect – Does it cause you to dominate the competition in any area?

5. The Evan Williams Factor – Have you defined what social media means to you?

Is It Working For You?

Establishing objectives will help you to determine if social media is working for you. If the objectives that you have set are consistently not being met then maybe that form of social media is not right for you.

Does It Cause You To Become Profitable?

In the online world, time really is money. So determine your time to money ratio. If you are consistently not being profitable it may be time to readjust your approach or quit it.

Is It Building An Audience of Loyal Supporters?

The audience factor is a big deal. Developing an author platform is very important but what does that audience eventually do for you? It can become a numbers game and you get thousands of followers. But have you made any sells, gotten any referrals, or had a networking opportunity that eventually caused you to make money? Obama won two terms in office and a large percentage of the support came from his online supporters. At some point social media needs to bring in support. If followers don’t eventually become supporters you may need to rethink the time you are spending in social media.

Does It Cause You To Dominate The Competition in Any Area?

Does your online activity have any impact in Google? That is the main thing. Can you get ranked on page one on any keyword based on what you are pushing out through your social media channels? Google brings visibility, so be sure what you are doing is paying off somewhere in Google.

Have You Defined What Social Media Means to You?

In my article about 5 of the best book marketing tips I learned from business icons I was surprised that Evan Williams one of the founders of Twitter did not know what Twitter was when he created it. Twitter actually became something over time. Now it is a really big deal. However, Twitter’s growth soared after he had personally defined what it meant to him. Defining what a social media outlet means is actually the starting point for profitability.

When it comes to social media there are a lot of decisions that you need to make to avoid wasting time and losing profitability. Define purpose and objectives, evaluate those factors and weigh out if those areas are worth the continued investment of time. I would love to hear about your social media experience. Please feel free to share what is working for you.

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