Why Authors Should Blog

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Authors are constantly looking for ways to sell their books, and one of the best opportunities to be a part of their book marketing strategies is often over looked. It is simply blogging. One of the most recent trends I have seen with authors is creating websites for their books that only have a few pages, but has no blog. They look fantastic but what is the value beyond the look. I think authors should blog for these reasons:

1. Content builds value and links to your website.

2. Blogs help people to stay on your website longer and gives them the opportunity to explore your book selling page.

3. Blogs can build your brand and reputation.

4. Blogs can be picked up and spread. This gives you an opportunity to put in linking information that will be carried anywhere the blog gets picked up.

5. It gives people a glimpse of your style. People build relationships when they can identify with your style.

Use a statistical program to understand how effective your blog is

Evaluating your stats should give you some pretty interesting information on what you need to focus on with your blogging. Just recently I reviewed my stats and this is what I found out that was happening on my website:

1. People visited the homepage then went straight to the blog.

2. People stayed on my blog page longer than any other page. Out of all the people that visited the blog page, 80% remained on the website and then went to my I want to publish my book page.

3. They moved from my I want to publish my book page to my pricing page.

4. They moved from the pricing page to the contact me page.

5. The blog page also had the highest revisits.


I was very happy with the progression of what I saw. The main thing that I loved was that the blog kept the people on the website for a long time. I hope that you can see the potential power of your blog. The longer people browse your site and become familiar with you, the better chances they will become a part of your long-term audience and buyers. Blogging builds a great platform for you. People buy from those they can trust. Therefore using a blog effectively will help people to trust you. Trust is the gateway to purchasing. If you have a story about how your blogs have helped please share with us. Or if you need ideas on what to blog about feel free to leave a comment.




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