What To Do When You Feel Like Quitting Your Blog

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So you hit the blogging wall. That brain of yours just can’t crank out another topic. Yet you understand connecting blogging with book marketing is essential and you understand that your audience needs to be changed and fed like a baby. So what do you write when you have nothing to say? Here is the award-winning tip – GET INSPIRED. Writing about anything is pure inspiration. Inspiration gives you the fresh air to become creative.

 5  Places to Find Inspiration

1. Read better – write better. That is a tip I learned from a wise guy that lived over a century ago. Ben Franklin said that the reason he was a good writer was because he was always reading. He said that good readers become good writers. The first thing to do when you hit that blogging wall is to start reading. That will open the door for inspiration.

2. Open your eyes. Look around and find things that inspire you. Try to associate what you see with what you are trying to write about. As a ghostwriter I use everything I can to find inspiration – movies, sitcoms, observing how people react to each other, etc. Even a leaf dropping from a tree can provide inspiration if you connect it. Like, if you continually fail to blog, your audience will drop off. Then you can write about how to keep your audience connected. Watch and observe. Inspiration will come.

3. Plug In. There is no better way to plug in to situations all around you than to use Google Alerts. Set up an alert for the topic of your choice. Then read and get inspired. Set your Google Alert to scan for the best data and watch it compile a list of interesting things to write about.

4. Solve a Problem. Can you help someone solve a problem? If you are constantly observing problem areas in your niche and write about that, you will always have a source of inspiration. As an author there are lots of areas you can tap. How about providing writing tips that solve common writing errors, writing articles that inspires authors to get beyond the fear of writing and publish that first book, or resources you learned to solve promotional problems you may have had. A great place to get inspiration for that is sites with questions and answers, like Asks.

5. Check out the competition. What are your current competitors writing about? Is it worth you joining the bandwagon? Think about it. Set up a Google Alert or visit their blogs on a regular basis. Do you agree with what they have written? Can you write it better? Do you disagree with what they have written? Can you provide a different perspective? Viewing things this way stirs inspiration.

What things inspire you to have enough to write about? Please feel free to share your thoughts. With a little inspiration you will never be without a topic again.

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