What Book Marketing Professionals Do Best

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As a new author you can remain a book marketing amateur or become a book marketing professional. To me the difference lies in your attitude. I am a firm believer that attitude does indeed determine altitude. How do you see things? I got a chance to see attitudes in action on a recent trip.  The plane we were on was required to land on a small air strip in the middle of nowhere due to a terrible storm in the area of our destination. It took 5 hours for the storm to pass. The longer we sat, the more some people became unraveled to the point of demanding to exit the plane.

They put so much pressure on the pilot that he got clearance to let them off the plane. I thought we are in an unsecured location, there is nothing here but an airstrip, and no transportation where on Earth are they going?  The pilot told them as much and said if they left the plane they would not be allowed to re-board. Yet they got off the plane any way. Everyone else found ways to deal with the adverse situation, some went to sleep, others toyed with their electronic gadgets and conversations of every kind stirred up as people decided to talk to their seat neighbors.

To me that was a healthy, positive approach to the situation. The people that exited the plane had a problem.  The people that remained on the plane had a challenge. What do you do in a confined space, with no indication of when you will be leaving that situation? You adapt, knowing that the outcome will be fine, no matter how long it takes.

When difficulty occurs during your book marketing do you see it as a problem or a challenge? If you intend to write beyond the hobby status and to market your book on a professional level then you will need to adjust your attitude to the positive end of the spectrum. In that realm there are no problems, just challenges. You don’t experience failure, you just learn what does not work and continue to push until you find what does work. You do not  become unravelled when time seems to be marching on and your book status is not what you want it to be. What book marketing professionals do best is learn, adapt an excel. If you truly have a good book and hang in there long enough you will reach your desired successful destination. Stay on the plane.



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