Steve Jobs – My Hero

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I watched the Steve Jobs movie on Netflix and found it to be absolutely fascinating.  I have always enjoyed the whole Apple/Mac/Steve Jobs thing.  I have always been a loyal Apple customer so I really did not learn anything new.  But the reason that the movie fascinated me was one particular line that went something like we are going to stop trying to compete with Gates and Dell, we are going to create things that don’t exist and we are going to get back to what Apple once was.  I wanted to stand up and shout, really should have but it was too late at night.

I have been in the book business for many years and during this time have had the tendency to learn as much as I can from others.  That can be a good thing or a bad thing.  It’s a bad thing when you think that the person you are following has great insight, yet nothing that they say stands the test of time.  It’s a good thing when they can inspire you to become a better you.  In my life I have experienced both.  But the awakening I had last night was to put all of that away and create me – my own unique way. Steve Jobs was an innovator and he was a trail blazer.  He would not allow others to define him.  He created his own definition of himself, life and all things business model.  He was free. The greatest challenges that he faced in life was when others tried to make him conform and that almost destroyed him but he rose as a Phoenix from the ashes.

The movie challenged me to become more innovative and to get out of the routine of caring what others are doing.  People who are committed to doing what others have not been able to do or things that cannot be done change the world.  If you stop worrying about what people think about your book and if you stop trying to figure out how you will be able to get that book marketed and just start doing something in a positive, progressive motion your book  just might change the world. The longer I stay in this business the more that I learn there is no roadmap to success. You just have to work and keep heading down the paths that are positive.  That is what Steve Jobs did. He started in a garage, no roadmap.  He just kept heading down positive paths that reinforced his forward motion. He never stopped. Even when he was kicked out of the company that he created what was his response? Next.

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