Should I Care What Others Think?

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I was in a conference not to long ago amongst different authors. One of the topics that came up was how much emphasis we should be concerned with based on what people think. It was pretty amazing to hear the comments, but the bottom line was for the writers market that we are currently in you should not care what people think as long as you have an audience that is supporting your work. That mindset had liberated many from ongoing editing to helping them to accomplish writing more books simply because of the fact that they no longer felt they had to be perfect in writing.  One person said it this way, I am not writing a literary work of art, I am writing stories that my audience loves. As long as they like it I am just fine. The diversity of thought was intriguing. It made me wonder how much more productive I would be if I took on that attitude in even a small degree. I began reflecting of how my own near perfectionist attitude has caused endless redo’s and rewrites and endless redo’s and rewrites in my own life over the years. This conference really caused me to begin to think outside of the box. It was a challenge.

Here are some of the main points people stated as to why they took the “I don’t care attitude”:

1. They found no correlation between bad reviews and book sales, and stated that bad reviews only show that “you are not my target audience.”

2. They said excessive editing delays profit making potential. If the book is not out there, it can’t begin to make sales. So put your best work out and if you find it needs revising do it later. That way at least you are in the stream to make an income.

3. They also stated that constant revising is also a great way to procrastinate, and that you can tie your own productivity up by it.

4. They said if you want to be a real writer keep writing and write all the time. That is a problem I have never had, but many people had great books in their head and never got them out. The goal was to teach them to just start because starting puts the ball in motion, and that really gets all things going. Get beyond your fear and procrastination and just start moving.

It was such a liberating event. They challenged each of us to write a book in a week. I surprised myself and wrote a book in 3 days. I did not know I had that ability inside me. I concluded that I may not ever be as free as they were, but I am a lot free-er than I was. Sometimes it is best to just close your eyes and move forward. I hope that many of you reading this article will free yourselves as well.

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