Raked Over Hot Coals

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Have you ever seen anyone walking on hot coals? I feel as if I have been there. You know under their feet is searing yet they hop along across those coals making it to the other side. Sheer will power and sheer determination are the catalysts that make that possible. They have learned the power of mind over matter. As an entrepreneur there are times you must walk across those hot coals – difficult clients, harrowing business decisions, comments that can make or break your day and the pace of keeping everything successfully all together. It’s an amazing journey.

When you have gone the distance over those hot coals of life, it’s nice to know that there is a place to cool those weary feet. Something as refreshing as water. That’s what happened to me today and it was very inspirational. Opened my email and got this message from the Shine Management Group:

Linda Leon is an exceptionally gifted professional. I have had the great pleasure to collaborate with her on several major creative projects. She has a keen sense of marketing and tackles each project with enthusiasm and a unique eye for perfection. Linda’s background in broadcast makes her well suited to introduce emerging authors to new audiences. She brings a dynamic approach, typically not available to writers. I would encourage those entertaining the idea of penning their next novel to contact Linda Leon to fast track their literary work.

This was something totally unexpected. Thanks to the Shine Management Group for allowing me to dip my feet in a bucket of refreshing water. I would like to encourage all of you to pass the water along. Find a service provider or someone special that has benefited you and pass them a refreshing bucket of cold water. Kind words are energizers for life.



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