Praise God This Thanksgiving!

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I love the holiday season because it gives me a time to wind down and reflect. This has been an amazing year and today I am offering praise to God for making it so. I am grateful for Thanksgiving. It is the one holiday that we have that has not been overly commercialized and is one time of year that we can say thank you to those we love, our families, our friends and our God.

I am thankful for the transitions I made this year. I am now officially the mother of grown children both are in college and that is weird to me, because I will always see them as my babies. Made lots of good personal transitions as a right of passage to the practically empty nester side of life. I ended my radio show after 4 years and so grateful for the additional time it has freed up. I have had the best clients in the world this year and feel I have given birth to their book projects. Finally made time to get my own books into the production stream. Last of all I freed up time to travel and visited friends and family throughout the year. Looking back I am thankful for life, for breathing, for the ability to use my mind and talents and thankful that I have had time to impact the lives of others.

I would like to thank all of you for being on this journey with me. I appreciate you reading the blogs. I am thankful for every independent author that makes this world a better place for what they write. I encourage you to continue the journey. I speak a word of blessing over your life and may it prosper. I am thankful to all my clients, business associates, family and friends. Each of you brings purpose to my life.

I pray that each of you find something on Thanksgiving to be thankful for -even those going through a rough time during this holiday season. Know this, tough times will pass, and be grateful that you are still standing!!!! There is such power in being able to stand through adversity. Often lives most tragic times become our most treasured and triumphant moments. Happy Thanksgiving to All!!!! Wishing you a wonderful day!


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