Is Your Networking Dead In The Water?

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There was a time in my life when I attended a lot of networking events.  I was a part of organizations, business groups and went here and yonder from meeting to meeting.  What I ended up getting out of all of my activity was wasted time and having to order another load of business cards.  So I had to come to a decision.  Do I need to stop networking or change my approach?  I decided to change my approach.

When I did that I found that networking works.  Here are three great pointers that helped me and I hope you will find value to them. I call what I learned Power Networking.

Change Your Focus

Stop trying to network to promote yourself.  Learn to be attentive to others and find out what makes them tick. This opens doors for building relationships.

Offer to Help

Sometime by dropping a line like if you ever need … I’ll be glad to do that for you.  A kind gesture opens doors for more engagement.  Once I offered to do a video presentation for a company for free.  They were so impressed that they took my video and promoted my business at a major trade show.  I got residual business on their dime.  The show was very expensive. I gained more than I gave.

Build a Bridge

Don’t be afraid to refer those you connect with to others.  Through bridge building you enlarge your network.  What often happens is that when you provide a referral to them if you ever need a referral in the future they will more than likely provide a referral for you.

Josh Denning of the Tropical Entrepreneur recently interviewed me and we had a fantastic time talking about networking and how to be on the path to financial freedom in 90 days.  I would encourage you to listen because some of the tips we shared will really empower your life. Josh is the owner of an extremely successful digital marketing agency in Bangkok and his background is extensive. 

Don’t miss an opportunity to get inspired and change your life.




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