I Wish I Could Write

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You’ve got a book idea floating around in your mind, trapped and dying to get out.  The book wants to come alive.  It wants to breathe but you don’t know how to get the words on the page.  I can imagine that would be an absolutely frustrating situation.  Don’t give up on your desire to write.  Become a writer.

You may not have the raw talent to write but anyone can become a writer.  The first thing that you need to do is to write.  I don’t care what it reads like – just write.  In doing that you will define your writing style.  Believe it or not, your writing style is what people like to read.  They identify more in how you say it.  An editor can clean up your writing style.  The more you read how the editor cleans up your writing style, the more you will learn.  That will lead you to becoming a writer.

Suppose you can’t afford an editor you still don’t have an excuse for not writing.  Find a writing partner or a critique group.  A writing partner may not be able to give you an editorial perspective but they can help you with flow.  A critique group can be brutal but they can provide valuable insight.

Another source would be to get a group of beta readers to review your work and make suggestions.  These groups can be very helpful and will review your entire project at one time where as a critique group usually reads a chapter at a time.

Finally you can work with a ghostwriter.  I am one of them and to me ghostwriting is a lot of fun.  Ghostwriters work for months and sometimes even years helping people to get their books written.  It really is a journey from the inception of the book project in the mind of the author to developing the book.  For the author it is a journey of self-discovery because ghostwriters really pull information out of the author.  For the ghostwriter it is an amazing adventure seeing life through such diversity.

If you want to write, you can.  You might have to get training.  You might have to get assistance.  However if you purpose to write, your style just might be the thing the world needs.  Never say that you can’t write.  That is self-defeating and has lethal potential.  Say that you are becoming a writer and do what is necessary to get there.

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