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After your book has been written we provide services for your next step:

We provide:

Why should you have your manuscript evaluated?

Manuscripts are very personal. Evaluations give you the opportunity to have an unbiased viewpoint of your work based on our industry experience. Our evaluations are not brief.  They are very detailed and provide valuable information.  Examples of a fiction evaluation would include items such as character development, identification of plot holes, looking for redundancies, and relevancy of dialog. Non fiction evaluations vary due to the contents. Writing a book is the easy part. Perfecting the book is not. Evaluations can help with that process.
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What type of editing do you provide?

We provide copy editing, substantive editing, rewrite editing, proof reading and mechanical editing. We can also arrange it so that you can work directly with a copy editor.
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Why do I need book title consultation?

Most people have very obvious reasons for providing a book title. However, those reasons may not be so obvious to the audience of buyers you are trying to reach.  Book title consultation helps to identify  the needs of the audience and tie that into the book title in the most effective way. In addition we provide consulting on the back copy because that is a critical selling item for your book.
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What services are provided as a part of book design services?

We provide interior book formatting and book cover design.  Our book designers have done over 40,000 covers.
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What type of book publications services do you provide?

Once your book has been formatted correctly we will have it published in whatever channels you would like.

Do you have the capacity to help me to create a script or treatment from my book project and market me to the entertainment industry?

Yes.  We represent clients to the entertainment industry.
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