Book Marketing Professionals Wants To Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions

How do you work with clients?

In our company we are extremely interested in the goals of the client and structure everything that we do based around their needs. People come to use in all phases of development.  Some need help with the publication and marketing process.  Others want us to represent their work and shop them to publishers and the entertainment industry. Every person is unique and you receive ultimate personalized attention. We also strive to educate the client through publishing resources, courses, and tips for writers.  This means that we are very “hands on” and give homework assignments.  Yes, homework, and it is evaluated.  However by the end of your campaign you will have gone through marketing boot camp and will have book marketing skills that will last you a lifetime.

Do you accept all types of books?

No. We only take projects that meet our evaluation review and have the knowledge base to support the books development. We actually take the time to read each book before making a decision.

If my project is accepted what happens next?

We set up a meeting to discuss your project in more detail, followed by developing a marketing plan.  The marketing plan will consist of goals and expected results. We monitor and adjust our goals throughout the term.  All of our plans are individualized.

Once the marketing plan has been established, a contract is drawn up, and we begin to execute the plan. The client is multi tasking betweenbeing engaged in the marketing activities (interviews, blog tours, video marketing, etc.) and doing the assignments that are closely related to each phase of the marketing plan. At the end of the term an evaluation is given that shows the completed objectives.  At that point the client will have learned enough so that they can continue on the marketing themselves with confidence,  or renew our services.

Why should I choose your company?

Because we are extremely good at what we do and the level of individualized attention that you will get from us is not common in this industry.

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