How To Become A Best Selling Author in 3 Steps

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If you learn this one tip you will be on the road to becoming a best selling author. I guarantee that every best selling author did this one thing before they became successful.  This is a simple tip, but for most it will be one of the most difficult things to accomplish. Ok, here is the tip….

1. Sell Your First Book

That’s it, plain and simple. Sell your first book. Don’t turn me off. Hear what I am about to say. This can impact your life if you continue to read. Every best selling author started at zero and moved to one. That first book sold can tell you so much if you pay attention to it. It can give you direction on what will sell next. That will put you on a path of selling books and hopefully a best seller at some point in your writing career.

2. Understand The Power of One

One has tremendous power. I have seen this demonstrated in selling books and building my business. If you want to know how powerful 0 to one is, think about the computer age. It all started with movements from 0 to one. That is the foundation for the entire binary system that evolved into the computer technological age.

My second book was a nutritional cookbook. I am a Certified Nutritionist. I set off on a journey to write a book to help people to improve their health. I thought there would be a huge market for people wanting to learn concepts that would help them to lose weight, get their blood sugars under control, reduce their blood pressure, and provide new and healthy recipes that could change their lifestyle. The cookbook took everyday comfort food, but converted it into vegetarian cooking. The products that I used emulated so well that unless I told you that you were not eating meat, you would not know it. All the desserts used healthy alternatives to sugars and fats, without sacrificing the taste.

I marketed that book as far as I knew how. At first it was not selling at all. I could not figure out why. I was thinking this could change your life. This can save your life. This can cause you to lose weight and so many other health benefits, why are people not interested?  Eventually I learned that people often say they want to be healthy but they are not willing to do what it takes to be healthy. It is easier to take a diet pill than to change your life style. So instead of giving up, I switched markets after some friends of mine made a suggestion to do so. That’s when I understood the power of 0 to one.

3. Tap The Book Selling Power Surge

I found another target market to sell my books. When I made my first book sell in my new market I was thrilled. From that point came another sell, and another sell and another sell.  But what I learned from 0 to one is the type of people that would buy my book. That is one of the most powerful concepts you can learn in any book marketing strategies. Wildcatter’s would dig holes throughout the plains looking for oil, but once they hit that first vein, they knew where to find oil from that point onward.

Many people look at those minimal sales and dismiss them as a failure. They say, look I only sold two books this month. They get discouraged and turn away or feel that they will never sell many books.  They don’t understand the power of zero to one.  It is a huge accomplishment to go from 0 to one!

Small sells can be the gateway to your success. Instead of looking at small sells  as a failure, think, who bought that book and where did they find me? Analyze that statistic and then seek for others in that spot. Just as in the beginning of an oil strike, you will have hit a gusher.

I hear people say all the time I want to sell a million books or become a best selling author, but that will never happen unless you sell one. In selling that one book you will know where to find the millions. That is your book selling power surge. Never despise small beginnings. Every ocean started as a stream.

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