Get ROI for your Blog Steveology Provides Best Tips Ever!!!

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Getting ROI  on your blog is easy if you understand blog conversion principles.  It is great to have quality content, but better to have quality content that causes a call to action…

I just finished listening to 7 minutes worth of lead generating info for blogging for income. These were simple tips that either confirmed or made my day when thinking about how to increase blog retention and growth. I am really into statistics so hearing information that increases the ability to convert is always timely. My take away from this podcast was – if you want to increase your conversion statistics give your audience something they can engage with. It can be a download, a contact me button, or sign up page etc. Connect quality information with interaction and that will improve your blog. Why should this information be important to authors?  Keeping an audience engaged will help to build your audience, you will be providing information that they will want to share, and you increase the potential that people will return to you blog which should lead them to your book. You get the opportunity to promote you blog and book at the same time, and that increases your potential to get a book buyer.  What a win win situation for all.  Kudos to Steveology  (Be sure to click the Steveology link to listen) I enjoy reading his posts and glad he is a part of lindaleontweets. Why don’t you join him there as well. If you like this tip share it.  Please feel free to post any great tips you have learned about building your blog!


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