Fall into Book Marketing

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It is amazing how many tips I find on book marketing from the oddest sources. Last night it was on Pinterest. As I was merrily pinning my fall-boards I began to notice all of the thousands of people that shared the same interest. One fall picture had been pinned over 3500 times. Then I began to think about why I was pinning and realized that fall represents change. That is what people crave. I was raised where fall really shows off. Where I live now, fall in all its glory does not exist. That makes me crave change even more to the point where I create the season inside my house. Let’s just say Hobby Lobby and Garden Ridge love to see me coming this time of year.

As I read through the pins people where saying things like, I really love the beauty of the season, can’t wait to get into some real comfort foods and soup, football season is here and time for smores, hot chocolate, fire places and cuddling. The cognitive awareness of summer had not faded it had vanished. Slowly I began to realize it wasn’t just change going on but the populations willingness to move on to a different perspective and the sheer anticipation of what the season has to offer was not only good but fabulous!

That series of thoughts made me think about book marketing. If weary authors would get into the “Fall Phenomenon” perhaps they too could have a fabulous outcome. The big book marketing tip is to change. Before you give up on your book and all the time you spent with it, change it up. You can change the title, the cover, the key words, the formatting and even the writer’s voice. What would happen if you wrote the book from the character’s perspective instead of narration?

What about changing what you have currently done that may not be working to trying some new approaches? Perhaps your social media isn’t paying off the way you want it too. Maybe it is time to move on from that to something more productive. Maybe you’ve been following the “guru’s” and suddenly realize that they are benefiting from you buying their books and other gadgets, yet you have not had any progress. Perhaps it is time to follow that inner voice of yours.

Instead of being discontented or disappointed, embrace change and have the sheer anticipation of something fabulous ahead. People know fall is coming so they get ready for it. Start mentally getting ready for your success. Imagine people reading your book or e-book as they cuddled up by the fireplace. Envision yourself loving the beauty of your season of prospering.

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