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If you love classic romance and a happy ending this is a must read.

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If you love romance and happy endings this is a must read.


I think it is very important to support indie writers.  I love classic romance books and found these to be extremely good content. These are feel good, happy ending books. If you need a lift or just want a good short story for entertainment I would suggest reading them. They are The Business Affair: Forever Mine and The Business Affair: Shades of Romance by author Amazon Best Seller Jaspira Noel.

Here is what people are saying about The Business Affair: Forever Mine

This book is about Paula Anderson,an over-worked, highly-stressed Vice President, who works for a Fortune 500 Company. Paula realizes that she had to take a break and decides to take all 3 weeks of her vacation at one time, which is driving her boss Roman Neilson crazy. He is doing every thing that he can to get her to stay including giving her is workload in the day that she is suppose to leave for her vacation and making her miss her plane. Paula leaves the next day to enjoy her vacation of sun, fun and relaxation in Mexico that is until Roman calls and asks her to come back, he even goes as far as to offer her a $100,000 bonus. She refuses the money and is starting to enjoy herself. Paula is made aware of an event happening on the island where the high-powered and wealthy could come together to meet like minded people and make a love connection. While at the event Paula meets Don Stephens and they quickly hit it off. Thing seem to be going well until they are at a speaking engagement and Paula see Marcus Grant a man that she knows very well. Being torn by her feelings for Marcus and Don, she has to decide if she is going to continue things with Don or give Marcus a chance. I wont give anything else away but, let me tell you that this is a REALLY GOOD BOOK!! I would recommend this book to anyone that likes a great love story.


At first I picked this one out because i wanted a really quick romantic read but i wound up getting really wrapped up in the business affair, the realistic dialogue really allows for the reader the put themselves inside the novel. With the addition of a few twist and some crazy turn of events, Jaspira really leaves you wanting more. CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT BOOK!!!!!


What people are saying about The Business Affair: Shades of Romance

This was a wonderful book. Unlike other sequels that don’t seem to be as good as the first one this book, I believe, was better than the first. It’s a great story which follows Don Stephens, a minor character in the first book, and this book is his chance to repair a broken heart after helping Paula find true love. It’s a page turner that may leave you reeling with the other characters once you reach the end. As expected Noel does it again with the second addition to the business affair.


After reading part one picking this one up was an easy selection. This time noel delves deeper in to the life of Don which is something i was really looking forward too. while keeping the reader deeply involved with the text and allowing you to become infatuated with the story Jaspira really leaves you wanting more. once you take a look at shades of romance the only thing you can and want to do is read it over and over again. Noel has truly out done herself on this one.Please keep them coming.