Author Watch – Why I Love Black Friday and You Would Too

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My first experience with Black Friday was black.  I mean really it was black.  It wasn’t ho, ho, ho happiness.  It was more like being shrouded in eternal darkness or being adrift at sea, with no sail and with no land in sight.  It was my son’s fault.  He was a little boy at the time. “Mom I’ve just got to have this (whatever the crave for the day was).  It’s on sale at Toys Are Us tomorrow morning.  You’ve got to get it.”  I fought and struggled with his reasoning.  I gave him every reason that I should not go but his perspective prevailed.

Off I went at a time I considered the earliest possible only to be met by the masses.  They had a specific line just for this gadget and it seemed literally wrapped around the store 3 times.  That’s when my Friday became black.  But like a good trooper I weathered the storm and after several hours of being scrunched between customers and hearing parents yelling a kids in tow I arrived at the check out line.  When I got the item that my son had been dying for I laughed.  I stood in line for hours for a small video game system.  The way he’d made it out, I thought this was some huge item that I would barely be able to pack in the car.  My laugh broke the black cloud because I knew according to him I would be mom of the year.

He was so happy when I got home.  He said, “Thanks mom. Wasn’t that fun?”  I said, “It certainly was,” because I made mom of the year.  He never asked me to go to another Black Friday.  As the years went by and he became old enough to shop he came to me one day and said, “Mom I want to go shopping for you on Black Friday.”  I thought he meant to buy something for me and was his way of asking what I wanted.  But he was not.  He was telling me that he would brave the Black Friday crowds and get the best deals for me.  You have no idea how that touched me that he would be so considerate.  I told him that he didn’t have to do that for me, and that I wanted him to do his own shopping.  He said, “No this is what I want to do for you.”

So every year my son shops for me on Black Friday, just because I became his hero so many years ago.

We have an absolute blast planning our Black Friday shopping day.  He’s stood on line for me from dusk to dawn.  He’s partnered with his friends to stand in store lines on my behalf.  We’ve had strategies for offline shopping, online shopping and every plan you could possibly imagine.  I have really come to enjoy Black Friday.  It is ho, ho, ho happiness.

A few weeks ago someone asked me would I contribute my book marketing profession to a Black Friday sale.  I didn’t know what to think.  How in the world could book marketing tie into Black Friday?  I’m just thrilled.

Now I have something else to do for my Black Friday bliss. If you ever wanted to know more about selling books and writing for a living, use the code and treat yourself to a wonderful Black Friday gift.  The coupon code is Black Friday.  Here’s the link. Wishing you the best Black Friday ever!


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