Author Watch – The Shell – Tony Riches

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Must read – if you like suspense you will love this book




About the book:

The Shell is suspenseful, heart wrenching and weaves you into the lives of the characters. Knowing that the book is based on real events makes it even more of a compelling read. That aspect alone made you identify with the characters plight. The story takes place in Africa and describes the horrors of the common practice of kidnapping for ransom, and the gruesome acts of tribal conflict. Amidst the devastation a tiny sea shell makes the difference between life and death, and men of valor rise to the occasion. The Shell has something for practically every type of reader, love, suspense, thriller, and the coveted happy ending.


suspense, action adventure, Africa

Excellent writer. Founder of The Writing Desk. Recent suspense novel – The Shell.

About the author:

Tony Riches is a full time writer and lives with his wife in Pembrokeshire, one of the most unspoilt areas of the UK. Like many authors, I began writing short stories and contributing to a range of magazines but when I first read Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft I was inspired to begin writing books.






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