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Hello all!!!

As you know we’ve been busy at Book Marketing Professionals.  For those of you who participated in our Author Catapult Summit with former Disney marketing exec, Ryan Mendenhall, we had a blast.  I just got finished sending out the rewards that the people earned from participating this week.  We gave away free copies of my book and other great prizes.  What I love about what happened with the event is that everyone was really excited and those who have contacted me said that they really enjoyed everything that we did and are really enjoying the books.  With that said, those that participated in the Author Catapult are starting the year on the WRITE foot.   For those of you that did not attend the event, we provided tools for you to start on the WRITE foot as well.  My last post provides a lot of tools that can help you to move forward with your writing goals.  So what’s next?  Here are my top tips for getting on the WRITE foot:

1. Spend time understanding your craft – Get busy.  Learn what’s going on in the industry.  Learn more about your genre.  Take classes.  Read more and write a lot.

2. Create – Don’t get caught up in what everyone else is doing.  Chart your own course. I love this quote that I found the other day:  It’s better to walk alone than with a crowd going in the wrong direction. Diane Grant

3. Get organized – This should not be a resolution for the year.  It should become a way of life.  Organization increases your productivity.

4. Eliminate – Get rid of dead weight it can pull you down.  In earlier centuries if a person killed someone they would tie the corpse on the person’s back and make them keep the rotting corpse on them for weeks.  Can you imagine that?  The dead weight became a hideous burden.  What’s your dead weight keeping you from your ultimate writing goals?  Is it people?  Is it relationships?  Is it being in a negative environment?  Whatever it is, eliminate it and go forward.

5. Speak up – Talk to yourself.  Tell yourself how great the year is going to be.  Tell yourself that you’ll become a prolific writer.  Begin to inspire your own spirit and thrive.








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