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time travel, science fiction, action adventure

Time travel novel that is worth reading

About the book – Star 0# is a science fiction novel based on time travel written by William Earle. When two best friends stumble upon time travel using a specific cell phone code global havoc breaks out and hard lessons are learned. In the world created by Earle, trust no one, government espionage, betrayal and death by decision is the norm. In the midst of all of the power that time travel technology holds, the one most important event that impacts time and eternity cannot be reversed. The ramifications of “playing God,” drive the characters of this book into a very twisted plot. It has similar elements to the book and popular movie The Time Traveler. It was also inspired by this popular CBS news article that you can view here.





time travel, science fiction, action adventure, new author

Love time travel? Get this authors book.

About the author – William Earle works in the book publication industry and is also an editor. Star 0 # is his debut novel. Earle has set a goal to complete ten books in the next ten years. He is fascinated with time travel and has written a very  intriguing action adventure book. If you love science fiction you can purchase his book here.







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