Author Watch – Sonnets in Waking Moments – Joszann St. John

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About the Book

Sonnnets 3-e coverThe Great Depression of the 1930’s and the subsequent World War Two, was a defining period in world history. It was a time of great uncertainty, turmoil, and devastation in the world economy. People were beleaguered by many problems; the greatest was in finding food and shelter. It is against, this backdrop of instability and crisis, that ‘Sonnets in Waking Moments’ unfold. Set largely in Canada and New York City, the novel recounts the challenges of life and living during the Great Depression. Beginning in The Junction neighborhood, a Toronto manufacturing community which experienced many highs and lows during its varied history. To a convent in New York City, that housed a school for girls. The characters are lifelike. Their individual stories create many memorable and inspiring moments. As they draw us into their world, of poverty, frustration, verbal and physical fights, the highs and lows of love and the opulence of the wealthy.

The novel captures the essence of social relationships, while delving into the unique quirks and traits of some of the more major characters. Every decade has its own culture, and the zeitgeist of the 1930s, in Toronto and New York City comes to life, in ‘Sonnets in Waking Moments’ .The years emerging after World War Two, was characterized by many new experiences. Women had now entered the work force in larger numbers, tackling and succeeding at jobs, traditionally recognized as the male domain. Defining moments include the first royal visit in 1939 by a reigning monarch to Canada and America, and the lasting legacy, of the rich and vibrant immigrant heritage as seen in the Irish history of New York City. Join Anna Agnelli, Ralph, Viola, Frank, and other personalities as they journey through the turbulent decades of the 1930s and 1940s in Sonnets in Waking Moments.




About the Author

Joszann St John photoJoszann St. John published her first title in 2010. Since then she hasn’t looked back, releasing four more tomes to date, including “Sonnets in Waking Moments,” her most ambitious project yet. Joszann was born on the Caribbean island of Dominica, and migrated to Canada in 1996. She has always yearned to write, but for her the impetus came, when she was at a crossroads in life. Previously she has worked for business establishments as a hostess, an independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics and a restaurant supervisor. A mother of two, she has studied at Guelph and York University in Canada. An island girl at heart, New York City, is her current abode. When she’s not writing, Joszann enjoys reading, cooking for her children, inspiring others and listening to music.

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