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I want to tell you about an exciting event that I’ve been chosen to participate in.  The event starts Monday October 6 and ends Friday October 31.

I will be one of this year’s speakers at the Author’s Catapult Book Marketing Summit hosted by Ryan Mendenhall. He is an SEO expert and worked for large corporations such as Disney and 3M. For 21 days I will join other book marketing experts to explore a variety of ways to promote your book(s) and what we would do to sell 1,000 Books in 21 Days.

This year’s Summit Experts are quite the dream team! Collectively we have participated in the making of hundreds of NYT & Amazon bestsellers! We’ve helped our clients & students sell hundreds of millions of books & we want to help you touch more lives by selling more too.  I will be interviewed for this event on October 23.  I will be posting more about this soon.  You don’t want to miss that interview.

At the Summit you’ll learn the secrets of bestselling authors like…

  • how to get traditional media outlets knocking on your door to interview you

  • how to team up with influencers in your field and get them to promote your book

  • how sell books by the truckload without having dreaded returns

  • what the anatomy of a bestselling campaign looks like

  • when & HOW to start marketing your book for the greatest success

  • how to get your book written FAST if you’re hung up on finishing it

  • creative ways to team up with existing experts & sell 10x as many books

  • how to systematize getting reader reviews and ROCK SOLID testimonials

You’ll learn all this and MUCH more!

The entire 21 day Summit will be available for $197 after it’s all over, but because I’m one of the experts being interviewed, Ryan has given me special permission to invite anyone I want for free!

With your Free Daily Guest Pass, you can see the interview of the day and participate for a chance to win thousands of dollars worth of prizes.

There will also be some great upgrades available if you’re looking to push your marketing to the next level…

So, I invite you to join me and the 20 other book marketing ROCK STARS at this year’s Book Marketing Summit hosted by Author’s Catapult.

Go here to get your free guest pass:

And we’ll see you at the Summit!


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  1. Ryan Mendenhall |

    Thanks so much for joining us Linda! We’re excited to get to share your experience with all our guests. We have about 650 so far registered to attend this awesome month long, online event with top book marketers. Thrilled to have you sharing about how to get publicity. 🙂


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