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All My Love, Detrick

Roberta Kagan

All_My_Love_DetrickIn a world gone mad, two lovers fate is challenged by the times they live in. What would you sacrifice for love? How far would you go to keep the love of your life in a nation of anti-Semitics? Detrick, a 7-year-old Aryan child met Jacob Abdenstern, a loveable Jewish bicycle repairman by chance. Jacob becomes a refuge for Detrick as he seeks peace in security from an anti-Semitic and alcoholic father. Their relationship flourishes over the years. But when he meets Leah, the beautiful daughter of Jacob, their lives are altered forever. As Hitler is raised into power, will their love be strong enough to survive? All My Love, Detrick is a historical saga that will capture your heart. It’s a similar read to Titanic.


RobretaAbout Roberta Kagan

My father was Romany and my mother was Jewish. I lost most of my extended family on both sides in the Holocaust. For many years the horrors I’d grown up hearing about lay buried in my heart. As I got older I realized the stories needed to be told. I could not erase them from my mind. I believe it was my responsibility to tell them.

I became a conduit for the voices of those who could not longer speak. I became a voice for those who loved and lost and died during that horrendous period. Their lives bled through me on paper. I feel that it is my life’s work to honor their memory. With pen in hand and research, my efforts took shape. Now they have a voice. My books always have a message – no matter how dark and terrible things might be, there is always hope always light and always love. It may be difficult to find it at times, but never, ever, give up.



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