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How to Market your book Online and Get Noticed

Are you at a loss as to what can be done to market their books online? Today, marketing a book is much easier than traditional marketing. Amazon and the Internet have made it so much easier to sell your books globally and reach audiences with whom you can build your community. Here are a few tips to get you going:

• What better place to start your marketing than identifying your audience? Consider who will be most interested in your book. Narrow it down and identify specifically who you will be reaching out to. A good way to identify your audience is to look at your existing audience and create an avatar of those persons who truly love what you write and have been following you for some time.

• Once you have identified your audience, you will want to create a space from which you can reach out to them. This central point will be your blog or your website and it is your launch pad. What should you include there? You will need a smiling headshot of yourself of course, and an image of your book. You will also need a number of pages for your blog to effectively represent you. One of these is an About page which will include your bio and information about your journey as a writer. You will want to add to your blog other essential features that allow you to build your community and connect regularly with your audience using various form of content.

• Become familiar with existing social media networking options and carefully select three or four networks which will work for you and which you will be able to manage consistently. Add the links to your various social networks to your blog since this is the central point of your online presence.

• We hear that often Content is King. However, not all content is useful to everyone, and not all content is useful. For content to benefit the consumer it must be well thought out, well written, recent, and relevant. Always aim to produce quality content. As you generate your content, consider what is your main message or theme and develop your content around these. Maintain your audience’s interest by consistently sharing your content and providing content in various forms. Add variety by re-purposing your content, for example create a podcast and use part of that podcast to create a blog post.

• An excellent marketing tool for authors is a virtual book tour. Take your book on tour from the comfort of your home by organizing a virtual book tour from your site. Do remember that a virtual book tour is an event and will take some coordination. So identify sites which you would like to visit on tour and develop a plan to take your book and your message to new audiences.

Marketing your book can be fun and will not be a waste of time if you lay the groundwork and develop a strategic marketing plan. Need further guidance on implementing these tips? Get practical tips and tools by signing up for the course Book Marketing in Five at Udemy.


Savvy Book Marketing Strategist and Author’s Coach Eunice Nisbett shows authors with a vision how to leverage their message for greatest impact, create bestsellers, and increase their visibility, credibility, and book sales. Many authors attract media attention, get invited to speak globally, and create their bestsellers through her book marketing support program, and as result of implementing the techniques she shares with them to leverage their message.


Eunice is deeply committed to empowering authors to build their book business and get the greatest leverage for their books and their message. She brings together her experience as an administrative professional in the corporate world, a trainer, an online business manager and marketer for over five years, her training as a book marketing specialist, and training in sales and management, to coach authors and capably assist them with virtual book tours, public relations, positioning their books on Amazon, enhancing their online brand, and increasing their sales.

Through the Savvy Elite BestSellers book marketing support programme and private one-on-one coaching, authors learn to embrace the marketing guru within, build confidence in promoting their book and sharing their message, become time management experts using tools and techniques to get more done in less time, embrace speaking, and have a lot more time for writing and with their families.






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