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“Genocide is over, we have overcome,” is the clear message from international lawyer Justine Mbabazi’s book “This is Your Time, Rwanda.” Despite the gloom, doom and constant defining of Rwanda, by the media, of its genocidal past, Mbabazi delivers victorious stories of courageous people that are not rebuilding their country, but over the last 22 years have successfully rebuilt the country into a thriving metropolis. These stories are rarely picked up by mainstream media and Mbabazi’s goal is to change all of that.


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As an international lawyer and a international development practicioner that has traveled the globe and been responsible for legal reforms and gender equality measure, Mbabazi is amazed at how little people know about the strides the nation has made. “Today Rwanda is ranked as a number one country in the world with 56% women in the parliament and the other decission making levels. We were rated one of the best nations to be a female and our children are being equipped to become technological leaders through the One Laptop Per Child Program developed by our inspirational President Paul Kagame. We can no longer be defined by genocide against the Tutsi, we are so extremely far beyond those horrendous days.”

According to one reader, Dr. Devkumar R. Sainani, chairman of the Sanina Group of Companies in Canda, “The book is an incredibly emotional journey of the birth, death and rebirth of a nation and of a people….she focuses on the hope of a nation to be able to put the past behind it, and to embrace a future full of promise, and achieve a better a life. It is an enlightening and honest look at a journey from darkness back to light.” Professor Emeritus and reknown author Howard Adelman of York University writes that Ms. Mbabazi has chosen to focus on the Rwandan people, pay great tribute to people responsible for the resurrection of Rwanda which includes ordinary citizens that have labored to make the nation brilliant. He states,”This is a love story. It is also a story of national rebirth in which the spirit of our nation is destined to be victorious. The story that begins with atrocities, rape and the murder of a million people in a hundred days is a narrative of a phoenix arisen from the ashes…” The world needs to know that Rwandan people are resilient, honest, brilliant, and beautiful. Though they never will be able to forget their past, they have in mass forgiven and forged a thriving economy and birth a spirit of entrprenuership like no other developing nation. According to Mbabazi the tireless efforts of the people, their committment to the nation as partners with the government and their urgent agenda to bring their youth to social and economic excellence has “made Rwanda into a paradise in a very short time,” and she declares that the people of Rwanda are “unstoppable and hope for the nations.”

Mbabazi challenges the international community and the media to give prominent coverage to the thriving nation and help them to redefine their national image so that struggling nations will have hope. According to Mbabazi no nation should experience the horrors of genocide, ethinic divisions and gender equality, but many will fall victim unless someone shows them a better way. Rwandan’s have clearly proven that they know the way from tradgedy to triumph and from victim to victory. “This is your time, Rwanda” is available anywhere books are sold.


About the Author

Justine Rukeba Mbabazi is an international lawyer and international development practitioner with a successful career progression in the areas of Human Rights, Gender and Legal and judicial reforms as well as conflict management specialist. She is also the author of “This is Your Time, Rwanda,” a compelling book that chronicles the decimation of the Rwandan genocide against the Tutsi, the country’s amazing recovery and current progressive reformation.

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