Author Watch – It’s Only Temporary

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A.V. Geiger is an author to watch. Her contemporary romance novel, It’s Only Temporary, had me laughing, crying and emotionally all over the place. I rarely read books twice but this one I did and it was even better the second time. I won’t do a spoiler here, but it’s really about life and the crazy things that we do for the one that we love. Even if that love is secret. Watching the secret come into the light was the total fun part about this book. The author really has a way with words. It’s great writing with a dash of excellent prose. I would highly recommend reading this book. The type of contemporary romance depicted in the the book is the billionaire with the feisty female. She’s the perfect mixture of strength and insanity. Really – what she does to hide her love is insane, but fun. So find a copy somewhere, have a seat and enjoy!

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