Author Watch – Is KDP Select Dead?

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I would absolutely have to say that KDP select is dead to most authors.  I have heard about many frustrated authors that felt that giving up 90 days of their marketing time for the program did not provide any results.  I must admit that was my frustration too in working with authors.  We would place them into KDP and the results yielded nothing. That continued to happen until we began to figure out why we were having those results.  It took a lot of time to figure that out.  It took trial and error, it took perseverance and it took analyzing one thing after another until we found a system that worked.  Once we found that system we got good results every time since then.

I would now conclude that KDP Select is not dead.  You just have to find ways to bring it to life.  Here are five things that we learned to bring KDP to life:

1.Understand that KDP is a part of Amazon

Why is that important?  If you understand that KDP is a part of Amazon then you will match your KDP marketing efforts to fit what Amazon is all about.  Amazon is a search engine.  That is what Amazon is all about.  You search and you purchase.  Therefore getting people to find you in an Amazon search will greatly increase your KDP results.

2. Get Your Description Nailed

When a person finds you in search they are going to see if your description matched their search request.  The tighter your description the better chance you have at your book being downloaded.

3.  Implement Your Best Marketing Strategies

Every book has a different strategy.  There is no one size fits all.  Your book may do well being advertised through social media where as someone else’s book may do better through online book tours, advertising on Ad Words or word of mouth.  You have to find a system that works for you.  Keep testing that system until it works or replace that system and find another that works.

4. Study E-book methodologies

I have spent tons of time doing research and studying E-book methodologies and it has paid off.  If you would like to know what I learned to get our authors to become Amazon Best Sellers contact me at

5. Be Determined

No one that quits ever succeeds.  It is that plain and simple.  If you want to have success selling books then don’t quit until you see that happen.


So, what do you think ?