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Fork in the Road – This book is a compilation of songs all written within the 1990s. 32 songs in total. Real, raw, and emotional lyrics are what fill the pages of FORK IN THE ROAD – The Culmination of Angst – written by DeSoto. Here are some of the song titles in the book – LOST SOULS / MEMENTO-MORI / FORGIVEN OR FORGOTTEN / IN THE YEAR 2000 / THE STRAW THAT BROKE THE CAMELS BACK / YOU’RE DAY IS A COMETH and many more. Close to 8000 heart tugging raw and emotional heavy metal lyrics and not 1 F BOMB! “In a broken world full of chaos, and evil’s what prevails. Most everyone is smoke em peace pipe, but no one seems to inhale. Well life is yours for the taking, after you’ve been raked through the coals. Once reduced to ashes, we are all lost souls.”

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About the Author

The author of FORK IN THE ROAD – The Culmination of Angst – DeSoto has been writing lyrics and guitar riffs for 20+ years. With a heavy hand and a heavy heart he has written hundreds of songs in the heavy metal genre based on real life experiences and how he views this unstable world we all share. His personal struggles, battles, and triumphs are the basis of what makes his lyrical writing style stand out.


Why I wrote this – I am at the best time in my life now, and wanted to go back through all of my chicken scratch lyrics that I had doodled down on dozens of note pads over the past 20+ years when I was at my worst, and see how much I have grown and matured and possibly find those that can identify with my lyrics and appreciate a writing style such as mine, as no one writes lyrics or riffs like me especially in today’s mainstream music. This is the first of probably three books I will compile my lyrics in. I have several hundred songs I have written over the years.

Who will read this – Lovers of poetry, and free thinkers will enjoy this book. It is a pretty raw fly on the walls view of what I was going through and also what I perceived to see going on around me. I use to pride myself and actually boast that I write heavy lyrics with no Tourette’s! People with a higher IQ appreciate this about my style even if they don’t necessarily “get” or agree with my lyrics.


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