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About the Book Becoming Me – Thirty-one-year-old Terri Williams, a professional woman seems to have it all. By most standards, Terri has made it; she has found the perfect man, a good job, a solid house, close friends, and strong familial bonds. But something inside her gnaws at her soul.

Nine years ago, she loved and left Lamar Carrington. Despite the terms on which they broke up, his image, speech, and scent are never far from Terri’s heart. In her darkest moments, she considers much of the successful life she has built merely a coping mechanism to adjust to the great loss of what once was. From dealing with her troubled sister, her unknowing relationship, and the compelling desire for an ex-lover, Terri has a world of hurt and love to unravel.

In “Becoming Me” Gardenia Destang heavily touches on the topic of introspection and its importance in the midst of difficult situations. In her novel, Destang emphasizes this through her character Terri and the problems she faces.

An epic tale of friendships, sisterhood, parental bonds, love and betrayal, all intertwined in the life of a young woman who wants to change her reality whilst battling with her past. “Becoming Me” is a case of the heart and head in conflict as Terri Williams finds herself.

“Becoming Me” sees Terri through her journey of being who she wants to become, fulfilled. Terri’s ideal of her is a woman of confidence, one who stands out instead of blends in, marches to the beat of her own drum; a lady who does “her” and not conforms to molds prepared or prejudged by others. She challenges herself to excel, do the things that she wants and makes her happy. Terri’s transformation is more than the physical and emotional but involves deep spiritual connections.

Set in Atlanta, “Becoming Me” takes the readers to the States of Chicago and Florida and spends a delightful week in the warm tropical island of Jamaica.


MEP_6414 - Gardenia - whiteAbout the Author – Gardenia Destang is a screenplay writer whose works have been involved with major productions. Becoming Me is her debut novel.





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