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  • What Our Clients Say About Us

    Through a stroke of good fortune I met Linda Leon.  From my initial conversations with her it was clear how deeply she cared for her clients, how much it mattered to her that they learn how to market successfully, and how much pride she took in the quality of her work.  My first book was already in print, and I felt a strong need for expert guidance in developing and executing a sound marketing plan.  Linda provided just that.

    Linda works with a team of experts in various facets of marketing—from social media to SEO to virtual book tours to media relations.  She put together a plan for me that included all of the above and more, some of it provided by Linda herself and some by others.  In all cases, Linda was my “quarterback”, coordinating the services and seeing that all was being executed according to plan.

    Throughout my engagement, Linda and I talked regularly, by phone and by e-mail.  She was always available, providing me with expert insight and advice.  Perhaps most importantly, Linda was consumed by a desire to teach me (even giving me homework assignments!) how to market so that I could eventually carry on successfully on my own.  My knowledge today of how to build an audience, and a following, is so dramatically different from where I was just 3 months ago.  It would have taken me years of trial and error to get to this point on my own.

    The investment I made in hiring Linda Leon was one of the best decisions I made.


    David J. Friedman

    Author of Fundamentally Different – Building a culture of success through organizational values
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    What We Say About Ourselves

    We provide literary services, and publishing support to independent authors. Our goal is to give independent new writers and independent professional writers the same tools that traditional publishers use for their clients. Our company philosophy is that independent authors have valuable books. These books are often rejected by publishers because they do not fit the companies mold,  leaving  independent authors without adequate resources or support for their book or their book’s development. We have closed that gap. The founder of the company has over 20 years of media and marketing experience.  In media she worked with the authors that came from traditional publishing companies and has used her insider understanding of the traditional industry to help independent authors. Those skills are being shared with the clients. Through a team of dedicated professionals – the independent author now has an arsenal of resources to obtain their own professional book marketing goals.
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    People That Use Our Services:

    1. Realize they are required to learn their craft.  Understand that marketing is a joint partnership and they are willing to work hard.

    2. Are not waiting for people to make things happen for them, they are taking charge of their goal.

    3. Are willing to spend as much time necessary to meet their goals.

    4. Are willing to dedicate themselves toward every aspect of the project
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    What We Specialize In

    We specialize in all aspects of literary services.  We have the capacity to develop a book from inception, through the marketing phase and we also represent clients that wish to be marketed for television or film.

    We have television broadcast skills and create video productions for business, for educational purposes, for personal use and for book trailer productions, and infomercials. We also set up distribution channels for those services in either broadcast format or online format. We also provide audio visual set up services and consultation.

    We do media pitching and guaranteed media placement. Our clients and their work has been viewed on:

    Fox, OWN, ABC affiliates, The Mike Siegel Show, History Channel, TLC, Daybreak USA, Clear Channel Radio Network and many more.

    We also provide SEO services, social media services, press kit services and content development services.
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