5 Absolute Must Read Blogs to Grow Your Blog Business

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My first encounter with blogging was an awesome experience and left me wanting to blog more. I set out on a mission to write 365 posts to help people have better marriages. My thought was if they read one post a day, their marriage could be better by the end of the year. Actually it turned out to be over 365 posts and the readership was and still is amazing to me. So I am currently sharpening my blogging skills to set my self up for more success in my next blogging adventure and ran across these five revolutionary blogging sites. Any time you want to be great at something it is a good thing to learn from others. What you can learn from these sites in a few hours a week has the power to impact your blogging style for life. If you are in business like me and the majority of your income is connected with online activities, expanding what you know in order to do things better is critical. Hope you enjoy these sites and if you find this information helpful please socialize it. Come back and tell us if you like the sites we recommended.

1. Copyblogger – Why I like it – It provides blogs with substance on things that matter in building a blog business.

2. The Sales Lion – Why I like it – This blog is like a bloggers handbook and they provide a free guide called Inbound and Content Marketing Made Easy. It contains chapters like How To Build Amazing Community. The fact that I am talking about the site shows that it is working. People spread good content.

3. Successful Blogging – Why I like it – It provides useable tips for business owners.

4. Problogger.net – Why I like it – This site is like a bloggers newspaper and provides links for people looking for bloggers and blogging income information.

5. We Blog Better – Why I like it – It does exactly what it says, helps you to blog better. They have one set of blogs just dedicated to building web traffic.

Linda Leon is a book marketing professional. She helps authors and other professionals with writing, editing, book design, and book marketing services. She is the author of the upcoming book Rock Star Marketing and Publishing and Publicity for Smart People.

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