What is Happening to Romance?!!!

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Many of you know my position on writing – to become a good writer, you need to be a good reader.  With that said I read lots and lots of books. Recently I have noticed that in the romance genre things have gotten so vamped that the line between classic romance and erotic are being blurred.  It’s not just in books it is in romantic movies as well.  For example, I loved the White Queen series and the Tudors but anyone that viewed those programs know that they were hugely pushing “the limit.” Everyone probably has their own definition of “the limit.” However when based on the views of classic romance, it was huge blur. That causes me to wonder what will happen to classic romance in the future will the story line be lost in all of the sex. I truly hope not, because too me classic romance has always been a feel good genre, a man finally gets the woman genre and a sit by the fire and read a good book genre. I hope it never becomes reduced to “mature audiences only.”


I recently read a good classic romance story by a debut author Jaspira Noel. Matter of fact I read both of her books and they are indeed clean, classic,  romantic short stories.  Reminded me of Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail. One book is called The Business Affair: Forever Mine and the other is called The Business Affair: Shades of Romance.  I feel this author is off to a great start. I thought Shade of Romance was even better than Forever Mine. They are both short stories and Forever Mine is listed as free today and that is why I am writing this post in the middle of the week. I normally write my posts on the weekend. I would encourage you to support this indie author!  I would also encourage all classic romance writers to preserve the genre as a feel good and not blur it as overly sexed reading matterial. Leave that type of reading to erotica and there is a huge genre for that.

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If you love classic romance and a happy ending this is a must read.

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If you love classic romance and happy endings this is a must read.

So, what do you think ?