Author Watch – Special Tribute to Amelie Diamant Holstrom- Yes I Can

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Special tribute to one of my favorite people in the world!!! 87 Year Old Diva Has a Life Changing Message on Life, Love and Relationships    Amelie Diamant-Holmstrom is not your typical grandmother.  At 87 years old, she can still strike a ballet pose standing on one leg and glide about as in the days


Author Watch – Womens and Lemons – Janice L. Walker

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About the Book – Womens and Lemons (Release in Fall of 2013) Proving that fifty really is the new thirty, Janice L. Walker’s compelling upcoming book urges Quintastic women to begin new adventures and live their dreams. Instead of buying into society’s mindset that ‘it’s over’ for women after forty, ‘Women & Lemons™: Your Time


Author Watch – Andrea S. Gould Ph.D. – The Virgin Widow

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The Virgin Widow is for first time widows, widowers, and those who have experienced loss of a loved one. It provides wisdom, philosophy and behavior necessary to find a path for people going through the devastation of loss. This book provides a window of hope during a very confusing time of life, offers a pathway