Author Watch – It’s Only Temporary

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A.V. Geiger is an author to watch. Her contemporary romance novel, It’s Only Temporary, had me laughing, crying and emotionally all over the place. I rarely read books twice but this one I did and it was even better the second time. I won’t do a spoiler here, but it’s really about life and the


Author Watch – Are You Creative?

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There are a lot of successful businesses but all businesses do not flow out of the creative model. There are innovators -the creatives. And there are improvisationalist – the copiers. Both have a place in the business world.  Taking the model of the improvisationalist is not bad, they take what the creatives have done and expand off


Author Watch – Only You by Jaspira

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Only You: This is an absolutely wonderful review we got from one of the readers of our page turning writers – Jaspira.  If you are a hopeless romantic this is a must read.  It is currently available on Radish!!!!  This reviewer is a part of our Avid Readers Group and they get advanced copies.  If


Author Watch – Confessions of an E-book Junkie

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I used to say that I would never read an e-book because I felt that supporting e-books would be the undoing of a world that I’d love since a child – the world of pages. Yes, cream-colored pages with black type bound to a hard back cover that fit neatly into the palm of my


Author Watch – The Warrior – Action Packed Must Read

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I’ve have the opportunity to read the upcoming book The Warrior and it is a book that I would highly recommend that you read and review.  Free copies are available now.  The book will be released in 2017.  It is action packed, entertaining and enlightening.  Reviewers, bloggers or just die heart action readers if  you