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Rock Star Marketing for the Emerging Author

Want to publish your book and market it like a rock star? Want to learn what it takes to earn income as an author?


Rock Star Marketing for the Emerging Author is a road map for strategically marketing your book. In seven simple steps learn how to go from print to profit.


No longer do authors have to put up with rejection letters from publishers. No longer do authors have to give away control of their book. No longer do authors have to have their dreams crushed by unethical publishers, scammers or those who make empty promises to market their book.


Today there is so much available to help the independent author. Thanks to the Internet and quality resources such as Rock Star Marketing for the Emerging Author writers can equip themselves with the tools needed to become seasoned and potentially very profitable authors.


In this book, Linda Leon presents a step-by-step approach to maximize your marketing efforts. She candidly shares from her personal authors journey and experience as an owner of MVP a book marketing company ( Learn how to:

Create a funnel to draw an audience to your book

Use the Internet for book marketing

Understand social media, podcasting, and blogging for promotions

How to use Google and Alexa tools to jump-start your marketing

Create the elements for a killer book design and format

Connect resources that will boost your books visibility

Create a starter library with critical book business guides

Create a 120-day marketing plan

Create a dynamic media kit and press release

Effectively pitch to the media

Create drama, curiosity, interest, shock and awe with pitches

Sell your book as a course

Develop dynamic book selling public speaking engagements

40 ways to use virtual publicity

Use search engine optimization to increase book visibility

Use up-selling to create more demand for your book and future


Develop your brand to create a media empire

Set up your book launch

Set yourself up for success


Linda Leon earns her income as a full time writer and book marketing professional. She has over 20 years media experience, worked in broadcast television and owns the literary agency MVP the parent company to book marketing professionals.

“Wonderful book for authors. Very easy to read, it’s a short class in what to do and what not to do when you are an author.”

Abby Kraus, professional publicist

Abby Kraus PR Chicago

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