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Romance can always be hot and passionate. You just have to create it just as an author creates romance in a fabulous novel.

The reason that people love romance novels and romance books is because it sweeps them away into a very alluring world. What reader can resist handsome man meets beautiful woman on some romantic spot on the planet? What reader can resist true loves kiss and all of the tension leading up to that one moment when their worlds collide? What we often don’t realize is that we can create that same passionate flame in our own worlds. Just as the woman in those fabulous romance novels keep a man noticing, following and then finally capturing his heart can be done right here and right now. If your relationship is a little dull now, get the flame back.

Start with a little intrigue

What can you do to catch your man’s attention? What about cutting your hair or changing the color? How about changing the scent you wear or taking him shopping for the one he would rather you wear? Have you worn the same style clothing for years in your relationship? Spice it up a bit. Have you gotten used to sweats and a tank top? Hit the fashion magazines and toss the baggy, saggy stuff.

Put some sparkle back in your relationship

Set up a weekend get away for just the two of you. Can’t afford it, set up private picnic after dark. Visit tourist sites in your city that you have never seen before. Forget restaurants for a while and take a couples cooking class. Set up date nights every month.

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Kiss and tell

Let your loved one know that you love them. Be affectionate. Be kind. Do better than a Hallmark, write an old fashioned love letter. Pack a note in his suitcase and remind him of how much you can’t wait until he gets back home. Text him unexpected love notes.  Be his biggest fan and praise him. All these little details keep love alive and will certainly keep him noticing you. Got any tips on keeping him noticing you. Leave a comment.   Jaspira Noel is a #1 Amazon Best Selling author. She has written The Business Affair: Forever Mine, The Business Affair: Shades of Romance and The Business Affair: Romancing Roman. a Rafflecopter giveaway


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