Author Watch – Son of the Forgiven – Kimberley McClure

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About the Book – Son of the Forgiven Book Description

Kenali King is saved, single and about to deliver. It’s a boy but where is the joy? Christian Jackson is in a coma unaware that the love of his life is days away from delivering. Kenali desperately needs him to wake up but when he complies with her request, she finds that there was less stress when he was in the coma. To make matters even worse, it seems as if Julia has come back from the grave to finish the trouble that she previously started. Will this forgiven couple be able to come together to survive this second wave of attacks?

Also, 16 years ago, Divine was abducted, brutally raped, shot four times and left for dead. Now, from death row her attacker is asking for forgiveness. There’s just one problem; she doesn’t want to. Divine struggles with the thought but takes a second look only when his request turns her life & household upside down. Will this Christian woman release the forgiveness to him in enough time to save her family or will she allow him to die unforgiven?

This story keeps its readers on the edge of their seats as it is a dramatic roller coaster ride with enough suspenseful twists to draw anyone’s mind to wonder what’s going to happen next. This book is written for those that love suspense and drama.


About the Author

suspense, drama, relationships

Kimberley McClure

Kimberley McClure is a woman that wears a lot of hats. Going through a greatly multiplied sorrow in 2005 with the loss of her mother has spiraled her from grieving to achieving. In those years that followed, she transitioned from Poet/Spoken Word Artist to novelist with the release of her debut novel Forbidden Fruit in 2007. “Writing this novel was therapeutic for me in that it helped me to grieve especially with writing the main character going through a similar situation. In 2012, she released its sequel Son of the Forgiven which is receiving great reviews from readers as well as book clubs. Son of the Forgiven received a 4-star review from AAMBC (African Americans on the Move Book Club).

Currently Kimberley has transitioned once again to a non-fiction writer with the upcoming August 16, 2013 release of her newest book 10 Commandments of a Dream Chaser. To add to her transitions, she has also evolved into a Motivational Speaker. “I found my purpose and that is to work with words on multiple levels and forms.”

Kimberley is a resident of Alabama in which she happily lives with her husband. Making time to reach out to readers, Kimberley writes a blog at She is the originator of Poets’ Square a monthly outdoor poetry event. Also, she is determined to die empty by leaving every gift that is within her as an inheritance to the world.

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