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About the Book

What is your book about?

Rock Star Marketing provides 7 keys to book marketing. It is the shortest path that I know of to teach a person about book marketing and the book industry. With the information provided in the book any author can have a laser beam approach to marketing.  It also has a course in the book. That means that as the author is reading they are able to instantly apply the training in the teaching section. By the end of the book they are actually marketing their book not just learning how to market a book. It is a very valuable tool.

Why do you think people should buy your book(s)? 

I think people should buy my books because they will help them to create income. It will show them a direct path for book marketing. It will help them to avoid pitfalls within the book industry. It will also provide long term tools and resources they can use for the life of their book marketing experience.

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These books will teach you what you need to know about book marketing.

Who do you think should buy your book (s)?

The people who should buy my books are writers just starting their journey. It would help independent authors that have books in place but do not know how to market a book and have little understanding of the book industry. It would also be a good resource for seasoned writers to provide more ideas on how to create income for their books. The books are resource tools for any writer.

Give an example of what people think of the book.

Rock Star Marketing by Linda Leon

Reviewed by Adele Park

Like many writers, I find the world of virtual marketing overwhelming and confounding. I was happy to discover Rock Star Marketing by Linda Leon to help build a virtual platform. Leon lays out a marketing strategy in seven steps, using the analogy of the seven major keys used in music.

Internet marketing is great for writers because they can take advantage of so many freebies. The problem comes with how to effectively use these mechanisms. In simple, concise terms, Leon explains how to leverage the tools offered through Google and Alexa to promote books. The concept of Search Engine Optimization is also explained along with tips on how to use it.

Although I read a physical copy of Rock Star Marketing, I think this would actually make for a better e-book because Leon includes so many important links. These include links to organizations that support writers, some of the top blogs for books, contests and sites for press release distribution. As a bonus, Leon goes over how to write an effective press release which creates drama, curiosity, and a compelling need to find out more information. This portion of the book includes examples of press releases which meet this criteria.

I read a lot of stuff about marketing, but find that much of it goes by the wayside. Leon’s solution is to include a number of assignments in the back of Rock Star Marketing to help readers put what they’ve learned to good use. I completed some of these assignments and have been delighted to discover they improved my online presence.

Leon closes Rock Star Marketing with some personal thoughts. I appreciate that Leon brings prayer and meditation into the equation. We all have our own spiritual beliefs, but tapping into a power greater than ourselves is the best advice a person can give. If readers extract only one of the many gems offered in Rock Star Marketing, I hope it is this one.


About the Author

Linda's Bio PicLinda Leon is the owner of This is a book publication, marketing, author support and visual productions company. She worked in management and as a producer in broadcast television. This industry has given her a spectrum of media skills from writing to producing television and radio programs. Linda’s television and radio work over the years has gone international and has reached over 80 million households. She is also a professional ghostwriter, author, and was a columnist for United Press International for 4 years. She is a prolific writer with hundreds of posts on line. She hosted Book That Author an online podcast for 4 years. The show had over 20,000 listeners. Her most recent books are Publishing and Publicity for Smart People and Rock Star Marketing for the Emerging Author. Linda’s greatest joy in life is serving God and being a wonderful wife and awesome mother.



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