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I would like to introduce my audience to Ewell duPont it has been a joy working with her. Ewell is the widow of Alexis Felix duPont  IV of the renown duPont family and getting the opportunity to hear about their family history and their contributions to our country has been a special treat for me. Ewell has written an inspiring book of poetry and I would love for all of the poetry lovers out there to grab a copy of her latest collection. The poetry covers a spectrum of topics. They are heartfelt and warming. It’s a good book to read any time of the year, but especially now when it is cold outside. To me this is a fireside book. Ewell says this of her book, “This is about my life and the people in my life – my parents, Henry and Ewell Stewart.  My mother, Ewell Sale Stewart, was an assistant editor for the Ladies Home Journal and Cosmopolitan magazines who also did modeling and photography.  She was an extremely accomplished writer and journalist.  My father, henry Bowdle Stewart, owned Henry Stewart Company, established in 1905 and still going strong today, and painted oil tankers.  Though both are gone now, they are mainly responsible for my ideals, standards, beliefs, and great love and appreciation of God, man animals, sunrises, sunsets, the earth and life in general – all of which are in this book.”  From the first page to the last, Ewell’s poetry is enchanting. I would highly recommend that you pick up a copy and enjoy it just as I have.


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Ewell duPont’s facinating history is outlined in her new book of poetry.



About Ewell duPont

Ewell du Pont is an award winning poetess. In her book Footprints in the Sand she recounts unique details of life in the duPont Family. Her collection of poetry has mass market appeal. The poems are a spectacular collection of life lessons that can be applied by anyone. The duPont story is an amazing one.  A particular event in her family history has given her great cause to treasure every day and to write and preserve feelings. That event was the sudden death of her beloved husband, Alexis Felix duPont IV, a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient. He was killed in an automobile accident. Ewell has carefully preserved his memory through her writings and through his art. Alexis was a great marine artist. Some of his best works are being considered for use within the U.S. postal system. Ewell is also a political activist and spends a great deal of time making the world a better place.

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