Author Watch – Ellen Palestrant – The Power of Creative Thinking

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Ellen Palestrant is an author to watch.  Her latest book  – Have You Ever Had A Hunch, The Power of Creative Thinking, is now available on  Please enjoy her article on The Power of Creative Thinking.  We hope that it inspires you as much as I have been inspired.


There is power in creative thinking; yet many people believe that they are just not creative. They therefore do not attempt anything outside familiar domains – areas they have designated for themselves.  Life, however, is not static, and it will change – sometimes, quite drastically. We can never be complacent but, instead, we need to become adept creators. Learning to think creatively, by incorporating fresh thoughts and experiences into our everyday lives, re-evaluating our often, limiting evaluations of ourselves, will increase our work and happiness potential. It will help us adapt to the changes that occur in both our work and private lives.

It is nice to know that in varying degrees, we are all creative; sadly, many of us do not recognize our potential to create something new from that mysterious source that springs from deep within us. Too often, we do not permit ourselves to create in our very own way; instead, we copy what others have done – or what we have done successfully in the past – even though it is no longer of significance. This is even true of experienced creators, who, at times, disregard those barely verbalized thoughts or feelings – those valuable hunches or glimpses of potentiality.

So why is there power in independent and fresh thinking? Why is being creative important for us? There are many reasons such as the significant role of creativity in our successful adjustment to the rapidly changing circumstances in our lives. Also, creativity is emotionally enriching. Being involved in the creative process can be self-challenging, fun, joyful, positive and optimistic. By trusting our hunches, we become increasingly self-reliant, self-sufficient and proficient creators. Thinking creatively, is not only beneficial to us, but to society as a whole.


So, what do you think ?