Author Watch – Amaranthine – Lanie Jacobs

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How did I become a writer?

Growing up in a small town there really wasn’t much going on for kids in middle school or high school. I had a lot of time on my hands, which means I read a ton of books. Back then my favorite authors were Stephen King and Dean Koontz. I remember having an assignment for English class to write a short story to enter into a contest. It was the most amazing assignment for me and it sparked to life a new passion within me. Sure, we always had essays to write for tests or other assignments, but this was different. I was able to pull into the depths of my imagination and create a world on paper that didn’t exist until I brought it to life.

It’s the same world you get sucked into when you open a book, with different places and characters. I didn’t have an easy childhood and at times, I just wanted to escape. Reading became my escape. It helped me deal with the dysfunction and sometimes chaos that surrounded me. I lost my dad at the age of fourteen and with that loss, went the passion for the new worlds that I would create. It would be years before I would find that love again.

My passion for reading and writing just needed one spark, to reignite it into a blazing fire. Ironically, that spark came in the form of a movie. I had to read the books, Twilight, and then I was back in my element. Though I love the series, I found myself screaming, literally yelling and arguing with my books over scenes, and plots that weren’t going the way I wanted them to go. Yes, I still laugh at myself for this…what kind of person does that? Well, I do. The next series I read, I found myself doing the same thing, only this time it was in my head. Can’t have people calling me the crazy lady that talks to herself and her books now can I? So, that is when I started the storyline and plot for my book. I didn’t know how or when, but I knew from that moment that I would be a writer. No matter the obstacles, I had made up my mind and from that day I have felt at peace with my life. Writing gives me the peace I need to tame my overactive imagination. I have found a release for the scenes I see playing in my head. Scenes that seem to come at random times and places, I can be checking out at the grocery store and see or hear something and a story is born. It’s nothing new for me. The only difference now is that I carry a notepad around with me. I jot the ideas down in my little notepad to use later in my books. Today, these daydreams and notes are consumed by a new character and my latest story. Charlie will be the heroine of my second series that I have started called, “Lost Souls”. I have vampires in this story as well, only this time they aren’t the good guys.

Why do I prefer Paranormal?

I find the paranormal world intriguing, but it’s much more than that. There are many unknowns out in this world that lead back to things that are considered paranormal: Ghost, Vampires, Faeries, Werewolves, Shape shifters, Fallen Angels, etc. There is not one group that doesn’t fascinate me. Good versus evil, the mystery behind it all just draws me in and leaves me wanting more. The twist of the stories, The Lost Boys, Twilight, or even the Vampire Diaries. There is so many different ways to go with a story and its ending is all about how far are you looking into the depth of your imagination?



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